About the Blogger:

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m a sarcastic person who loves to cook, try new products and explore current and ancient topics in news, religion, philosophy, culture, beauty, food, metaphysical topics, and much, much more. I don’t believe humans are meant to be specific in everything they do. My goal is to bring people together on an raw level through honest and open conversations, and of course food and drink.

My cooking style would best be described as intentional, thoughtful and sometimes over the top. I enjoy researching each ingredient’s origin to best incorporate it into a meal for what your soul needs throughout different periods of time. We are meant to move with the seasons and to adapt to our surroundings and I like to incorporate the tastes of the seasons into my dishes.

Come with me on my journey! Indulge in what each season has to offer and relax in knowing that your dish will be prepared with a purpose in mind and not just fillers.

ENJOY! You’re safe here.